Sail Shade Structures for Commercial buildings in Martin County Florida

Sail Shade Structures Contracting, Inc.
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Sail Shade Structures Contracting, Inc.

The Best Commercial Sail Shades are made in the USA, they come in unique designs and crafted to last and the only ones we install.

Our sail shades are authentic tensioned fabric structures that are both functionally practical and aesthetically attractive for commercial buildings. They can be installed vertically or horizontally for shade almost anywhere.

We offer both standard and custom sail shade designs, painstakingly crafted to last. Our products are made in the United States. Sail Shade Structures Contracting, Inc. is fully Licensed and Insured.

Commercial Sail Shades can be:

  • Shade for Outdoor Restaurants
  • Shade for Senior Living
  • Shade for Apartments
  • Shade for Condo's
  • Shade for Medical Centers

Commercial Sail Shades can be:

  • Shade for Community Outdoor Areas
  • Shade for around Commercial Pool Areas
  • Shade for School Play Grounds
  • Shade for Municipal Court Buildings
  • Shade for Commercial Buildings

Commercial Grade Sail Shades can be:

  • Shade for almost any residential area
  • Sail Shades for Driveways
  • Sail Shades for Residential Pool Areas
  • Sail Shades for Patio Areas
  • Sail Shades for Boats

About us

Steve Hartung owner of Sail Shade Structures Contracting, Inc. has over 25 years in construction and over 10 of them installing sail shades.

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More info about Sail Shade Structures

Why are sail shades curved?
Sail shade canopies provide sun shade and UV protection, and their curved shapes are designed not only to resemble sails but also to evenly distribute tension.
Will installation of the awnings or canopies cause me to close my business?
Sail shade installation may entail drilling into concrete or fascia, pouring new concrete, digging holes, and more. The professional installers at Sail Shade Structures, Inc.are highly experienced, efficiently completing installations and keeping disruption to a minimum.

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